How does one define a person? There are several ways really and the most common would be his biodata. Others would use their history, some would ask close friends to do so, others would just simply show a picture of themselves in their room (which also says a lot). But as for me, I like to use history.

I’m male, born of a rich family and went poor during the rise of modern communication (maybe because what we were selling wasn’t modern anymore). Parents separated when I was young so I never knew my mother that much since I was raised by my dad. Family struggled financially and emotionally for years. Dad found a blessing to our family, my stepmom, and together they gave life to my little sister who was born during my mid-teen years. Together we fought to obtain a solid family and a secured life which we enjoyed with each other until today.

Nowadays, I travel alone (with no personal car) going from school to work to home while volunteering for other works too. Sometimes my parents leave for out of town due to work and I’m left to take care of our house (though I have other help too) and I don’t host parties while they’re gone. Because of the way my father and stepmom raised me up during the later years of my life I was forced to grow-up early. Plus my baby sister (whom sometimes I feel like a 2nd father to) which is one generation away from me teaches me more and more about responsibilities. I handle my dad’s people sometimes giving instructions, making decisions, and teaching morals as we go. I have a blessed life, and I just want to share what I know to those around me and hopefully learn something from you too.



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