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Strength or Beauty

Stereotypically speaking (meaning this falls in general). Guy and girls have differences which we barely notice. This is currently also being confirmed by science such as the strong hormone which is produced by girls called oxytocin which is produced in males also, only at smaller level.

The most stunning difference to me is the strength and beauty of both male and female. For long time, I have wondered why God made humans with only two genders. Why not three or four, or maybe even just one? And when He choose to make two genders, why did He make us different, why couldn’t we just be the same in all aspects aside from the obvious physical reproductive organs which we have.

The answer I have found is stunning! And it has to do with the image in which He created us in. When He said that we were created in His image it means that each gender represents a certain aspect about God. So, even though you cannot really describe God in words, two words would be adequate already: Strength and Beauty.

Men represents God strength while woman His beauty. Call a man weak and he gets insulted, he’ll even try to prove that he isn’t but call him ugly and he won’t really mind that much as compared to the description of being weak. Now call a girl weak and she won’t likely be insulted that much but call her ugly and either watch her go into self-pity or get ready for an explosion! Deprive man or woman of the basic representation of who they are created to be and our soul would be greatly injured.



One thought on “Strength or Beauty

  1. Totally AGREE!

    Posted by care | March 1, 2011, 8:52 am

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