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The Princess and the Frog

Bedtime stories, or Fairy Tales, has always been a large part of the culture of every society. Stories told before a child goes to bed or the stories told and retold will, in some way, dictate the attitude and behavior of a child in his/her future. An example of which is the story of  The Princess and the Frog which has been recently made into a movie by Disney. Though I like the plot and the storyline of the movie, the unconscious implication of the movie is, somewhat, dangerous. In this case, it focuses on our teenage, and even our pre-teen, women in our society.

The traditional story simply ends with the transformation of the prince to a frog, and though Disney placed a twist to the move (and a very nice twist it was) the way it effects our women should be corrected for it has not only become a movie but for some it has become a lifestyle. Both versions of the tale portrays a woman who was nothing and only became somebody when a man fell into her life. By telling this tale to a woman without words of wisdom from the teller at the end of the tale would encourage her thinking of her worthlessness, or even uselessness, if she doesn’t have a man. From this we can see other problems which may arise already.

To cure a problem, destroy the roots, the fruits will soon follow after it.



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