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Crazy Love 2

What we’ll be talking about from 2.1 to 2.5 will be all from Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages” with some of the lessons learned in my life from applying what he has written about.

What he basically states in his book is that each of us has their own “Love Language” (in Crazy Love 1, I referred to this as the method of showing love). If you don’t speak their love language, they won’t understand the love that you give them. And if they don’t understand the love that you give them, then they won’t feel loved by you. Which will eventually cause more and more harm to your relationship.

As teens, it is important for us to understand this because we first of all need to understand that we are loved, though at times not in the way we want to be, but still we are loved! And without having this need of ours covered, we might as well be dead. Have you not noticed, love is the reason why we live. Whether that be hope that we will find it in the future, or the fact that we have found it already. If you try to convince a person that there won’t be love waiting for him in his future, then suicide becomes tempting.

Join me as we discover the common love languages in which people express love.



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