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Love, Teenager

Crazy Love 1

Love is really crazy, right? It alone has caused so many people great joy, and some great pain. People have been experiencing love since time began but what each received as a byproduct of it is different, why? At times I really start to ponder on it deeply, “If love brought great joy to some and great pain to others, isn’t it same to conclude that they experienced different things? If so, why do we call both love?” Then it dawned on me, something that is really important and we all need to understand, we all view love differently.

What I consider to be an act of love can considered a common act to another.

This is the reason why a lot of teenagers do not feel loved by their parents. The way their parents express their love and care for their child is not a method which is understood by the child. Parents and children should take time to understand each others way of understanding love, whether that be by quality time, giving of gifts, or even simply giving an open ear to the things the other one is going through (be good or bad). It is a must to understand this in order for any relationship to deepen in their understand and intimacy.



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