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Teen Gene

The teen gene is a new gene which entered into the society in the recent decades. Briefly stated, this gene is a result from the low expectation which were placed upon adolescents. It is so sad that due to the recent scientific discoveries on the underdevelopment of a adolescent’s brain, we make it the excuse for certain actions done by youngsters and leave it as it is. When difficult questions are asked (like that of legalities or finances) we simply say to them your too young to understand, maybe some other time when your older. Imagine the effects of such negative phrases on one person, and this doesn’t just merely come in the family or in school, but it has become the culture!

If you ask a teen about what is he or she feels is expected from them during their years as a teen, the common answer it to pass school. And take note, they are just expected to pass, not excel! And in all honest, little effort is needed to just pass, so where do you think our (the teen’s) energy gets redirected?

Do look down on anyone because of their age. And do not let anyone look down on you just because of your age. Rather the young ones should set an example to the older ones (and of course, vice versa).



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