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Generation Gap Origins

"Who needs what he's holding."

People born in the years 1927-1945 were known as ‘The Builders’ these were the times when structures were on a rise and commodities were booming. The years 1946-1964 that followed were known as the generation of the ‘Baby Boomers’ . I guessed husbands just really missed their wives so much due to the war and then BOOM! babies exploded! What followed between 1965-1983 were known as the years of the ‘Baby Busters’, they basically busted everything The Builders built. This was the year that everything started to become questioned even from the basic foundation upon which an object was built.

The following generation were given letters: Generation X and Y. But the thing with generation Y is that they cannot be given just one name. They were also named Millennials, Mosaics and such. This is because they cannot be classified in to one generation. It was in these generations that the term generation gap entered our dictionary. Suddenly we have books on such topics as relating to your children or one that I recently read was Teenagers Are People Too is generally informs youth about why parents does such and such.

I am a teen, around 15, who was forced, through events in life, to take on a larger view on life. Through this blog I aim to aid you in the understanding of what a teenage life is like in this century, to let you know why we do what we do,  hopefully to suggest a few things which could be of help (just maybe), and also to open our eyes as to what (I think) affects the way we think.



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